Against the Tide: Challenging Revisionism in Irish History

Edited by Terence Bradley
Shanway Press, 2022, v + 246 pp.

Clúdach an leabhair

This collection of essays, some previously published and some new, revises the Revisionists on their general approach to Irish history, the early history of Ulster, the Famine, the Plantation, Ireland’s status as colony, and challenges their findings through advancing counter-arguments in the spirit of academic debate and research. It is the first such collection that challenges Revisionism in various intellectually thoughtful and stimulating ways, and establishes a dialectical counter-narrative to it.

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'Preface', Terence Bradley
'Introduction', Anthony Bradley
I. 'The nature of revisionism', Kevin Whelan
II. 'Early Ulster history including the Cruithin', Charles Doherty
III. 'Beyond revisionism: reassessing the great Irish famine', Christine Kinealy
IV. 'The plantation of Ulster', Gerald Farrell
V. 'After history, historicism and Irish postcolonial studies', David Lloyd
VI. 'Muting the native voice: the historiography of 18th-century Ireland', Vincent Morley
VII. 'Objective historians, irrational Fenians and the bewildered herd: revisionist myth and the Irish revolution', Ferghal Mac Bhloscaidh