New Perspectives on the Penal Laws

Edited by John Bergin, Eoin Magennis, Lesa Ní Mhunghaile and Patrick Walsh
Eighteenth-Century Ireland/Iris an Dá Chultúr, special issue no. 1, 2011, 290 pp.

Clúdach an leabhair

This collection of articles presents a variety of new perspectives on the penal laws, a subject that continues to attract much public interest and engagement ... many of the articles either use new sources or offer fresh approaches to sources used before, or let us see Ireland through the lens of other countries.

This publication can be ordered from the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society.


'Introduction', John Bergin, Eoin Magennis, Lesa Ní Mhunghaile, Patrick Walsh
'The historiography of the Penal Laws', James Kelly
'The causes of the Penal Laws: paradoxes and inevitabilities', John Morrill
'Accommodations with the Protestant state and church: a comparative study of respective Dutch and Irish Catholic experiences', Declan M. Downey
'James Arbuckle: a Whig critic of the Penal Laws', Richard Holmes
'Catholic politics in the Penal era: Father Sylvester Lloyd and the Delvin address of 1727', Ian McBride
'"My repeated troubles": Dr James Gallagher (bishop of Raphoe, 1725-37) and the impact of the Penal Laws', Ciarán Mac Murchaidh
'The Penal Laws in Irish vernacular literature', Vincent Morley
'An urban community and the Penal Laws: Limerick 1690-1830', Eamon O'Flaherty
'The renewal of Catholic religious culture in eighteenth-century Dublin', Cormac Begadon
'Between toleration and preservation: the Popery Laws and Irish Anglicanism, 1782-1808', Tadhg O'Sullivan
Appendix: Tables of acts and bills